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PB9Book IM examples, include the following contents:

Imstyle9.pbl :
It contains some enhancements/fixes to the default imstyle9.pbl as shipped with InfoMaker.
For executables created with IM9 it places the report toolbar besides the mdi-frame toolbar to maximize screen real-estate. Additionally it contains 'Easy Filter', an easy to use point-and-click filter screen.

Imfunction9.pbl :
Add the library imfunction9.pbl to the library search path in InfoMaker 9. This can be done in the Library Painter using the 'Library List' button. After this, use 'Design, Migrate' to ensure that the imfunction9.pbl is upgraded correctly.

DWActiveX HTML Examples :
• Psr_example shows how to display a PSR file using the DWActiveX.
• ActiveX_example shows how to display a report using a connection to an Oracle database using a JDBC driver.

It contains registry entries to allow scripting in InfoMaker Forms.

Development Requirements:
IDE: Unknown (Can be upgraded to PB 12.6 or above)

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