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Ramón San Félix Ramón created the code: PDFBuilder_Demo (PowerTalks 2024)
On February 8, I had the pleasure of presenting live at the PowerTalks 2024 event organized by Dora Sistemas my conference titled in Spanish "News and examples with PDF Builder".

My presentation was based on Bruce Armstrong's presentation at the Elevate 2023 online event titled What's New in PowerBuilder 2022 R2 - Part 1. We were also able to see this presentation live at the in-person event that was held in October 2023 in Valencia (Spain).

For my presentation I have added the explanation of how to split a multi-page PDF into one PDF per page. This is explained and commented in button 1 using the ImportPdf function choosing a range of pages and in button 8 using the PDFPage object and cloning pages from one PDFDocument object to another.

I have also added a small utility to create a PDF with several images that I have focused on to generate documentation for the drivers of a transport company (DNI, Driving License, CAP, Tachograph Card).

The rest of the functionalities presented are basically as Bruce presented them but adapted to my style.

I have uploaded the example to my GitHub profile so that you can download it and thus try for yourself the new functionalities that PowerBuilder 2022 R3 brings to manipulate PDF documents.


I attach the code here as well, although I always recommend downloading from GitHub in case there is an update.

If you understand Spanish and would like to see the presentation, here is the YouTube link:

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