Column-Spanning Grid DataWindow Headings

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John Fauss created the code: Column-Spanning Grid DataWindow Headings
Have you ever wanted to include a title or other heading-type information at the top of a grid DataWindow, but got frustrated because the grid presentation style forces you to stay within the width of a single column? This example application will show you how you can implement a flexible and adaptable column-spanning heading to a grid DataWindow.
Features of the Grid Heading example application:
  • Supports text longer than the normal limitation of 250 characters in a text DataWindow object, across multiple lines if needed.
  • Occupies the entire grid width of the grid columns or the available width in the DataWindow control and responds to user-driven changes in these values.
  • Automatically adjusts the vertical placement of text column headings and other Heading band objects.
  • A grid presentation-style Data Object can be swapped/replaced by another while the grid heading is being displayed.
  • Ensures a minimum of two Detail band rows are visible, disabling the grid heading if it occupies too much space in the DataWindow control. This threshold is configurable.
  • Works with themes (in version PB 2019 or later.)
  • Successfully handles text containing tildes (~), apostrophes (‘) and quotation marks (“).
The Grid Heading example window in the application permits you to specify:
  • The text to be displayed in the grid heading. The app provides four pre-defined examples.
  • Automatic insertion of intelligent line breaks based on rules you specify, if needed.
  • Automatic calculation of grid heading height based on the text and the grid heading display properties. However, the grid heading height can be fixed, if needed.
  • Left, Center, or Right alignment of the grid heading text.
  • Grid presentation-style DataWindows that use any units of measurement (PowerBuilder Units, Pixels, 1/1000th Inch, 1/1000th Centimeter).
  • The font typeface, point size, color, weight (normal/bold), italics, and underline properties for the grid heading.
  • The color of a gradient background (solely to illustrate the possible use of gradients in the grid heading). The gradient background is automatically disabled when a theme is in use.
A minimal amount of code in the window and DataWindow control is needed. Most of the code resides in non-visual objects (NVO’s). The code in all objects is generously commented.

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