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2 years 9 months ago #364 by * Appeon *
* Appeon * created the code: Google Charts
The Google Charts app demonstrates techniques to enhance data visualization of PowerBuilder with Google's free charting service. It is developed with Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 and compatible for deployment as traditional client/server, PowerClient, or PowerServer 2021.

Key Techniques Demonstrated:
  • Applying WebBrowser control
  • Embedding Google Charts
  • Integrating JavaScript with PowerScript

Run Demo:
Github Source Code:

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2 years 4 months ago #402 by John Fauss
John Fauss replied the code: Google Charts
A good example application that shows how one can implement the use of Google Charts in a PowerBuilder app. Thank you, Appeon, for creating and publishing this application!

Downloaders, please be aware that the enhanced web browser control (n_webbrowser in googlecharts_base.pbl) creates a JsonGenerator object in nine of the fourteen "of_createdata..." object functions without destroying them. Normal garbage collection should reclaim the memory used for these objects, but it's always best to explicitly destroy manually-instantiated objects.

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