Apache ECharts

5 months 2 weeks ago #363 by * Appeon *
* Appeon * created the code: Apache ECharts
The Apache ECharts app demonstrates techniques to enhance data visualization of PowerBuilder with open-source JavaScript charting engines. It is developed with Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 and compatible for deployment as traditional client/server, PowerClient, or PowerServer 2021.

Key Techniques Demonstrated:
  • Applying WebBrowser control
  • Embedding Apache ECharts
  • Integrating JavaScript with PowerScript

Run Demo: demo.appeon.com/echarts/
Github Source Code: github.com/Appeon/PowerBuilder-Graph-Exa...where%20demo/ECharts

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2 weeks 1 day ago #403 by John Fauss
John Fauss replied the code: Apache ECharts
A good example application that shows how one can implement the use of Apache ECharts in a PowerBuilder app. Thank you, Appeon, for creating and publishing this application!

Downloaders, please be aware that the enhanced web browser control (n_webbrowser in echarts_base.pbl) creates a JsonGenerator object in ten of the twenty-four "of_createoption..." object functions without destroying them. Normal garbage collection should reclaim the memory used for these objects, but it's always best to explicitly destroy manually-instantiated objects.

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