PFC Resizing Example Application

3 years 7 months ago #299 by John Fauss
John Fauss created the code: PFC Resizing Example Application
This is a single-window example application that accompanies the PowerBuilder tutorial "A Simple Methodology for Complex Resizing Scenarios Using the PFC" that will soon be available in the CodeXchange area of the Appeon Community web site.

This application was developed using PB 2017 R2 and an unmodified copy of the 2017 version of the PowerBuilder Foundation Class libraries (which are included in the zip file). The window control layouts in the resizing examples range in complexity from simple, one or two DataWindow controls to a tab control page in a nested tab control that contains eight DataWindow controls in a staggered-tile arrangement. No database is required to run the application.

The tutorial describes an easy-to-follow methodology for analyzing window control layouts and translating resizing requirements into code. Although the tutorial and this example application are based on the PFC's Resize service, the approach to analyzing resizing requirements should be transferable to any framework with similar capabilities.

As a bonus, the application includes two features you may find useful: 1) The ability to limit the minimum and/or maximum size of a window based on a percentage of its "original" (i.e., design) size, and 2) A resizing "grip" control that resides in the lower-right corner of the window. Neither feature is dependent on the PFC. The code is generously commented and the accompanying tutorial includes a section dedicated to each bonus feature.

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3 years 7 months ago #300 by Miguel Leeuwe
Miguel Leeuwe replied the code: PFC Resizing Example Application
Thank you John.

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