PictureControl Scrollable Example

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* Appeon * created the code: PictureControl Scrollable Example
1. Load picture from string (blob) into picture control.
2. Zoom and scroll picture.
3. Print picture using a DataWindow.
New in this version:
1. Additional resize option.
2. Resize picture to A4 format.
3. Rememer last Resize Option.
4. Open picture in a standard picture window w_img_sh using parameter.
(Tooltips for buttons more than one line)

For more details, please refer to picturecontrol.txt.

Development Requirements:
IDE: PB 9.03 (convertable to PB 8 / PB 7 /PB 6.5)
The Example has been tested to convert to PB11 without any problem.
Most Datawindows are Release 6, so no source edit is necessary.
Martin Bremer

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