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It's the Advanced PowerBuilder Utilities.

It contains the following:
Cross Reference - Examines the relationships between the objects that make up a PowerBuilder application.

DataWindow Extended Attribute Synchronizer (DWEAS) - Updates attributes of existing DataWindow objects from the PowerBuilder extended attribute tables.

DataWindow SQL Verifier - Checks the syntax of the SQL used by existing DataWindow objects.

PowerBuilder Extended Attribute Reporter (PEAR) - Generates reports on the contents of the PowerBuilder extended attribute tables.

Stored Procedure Update - Creates PowerScript statements that use stored procedures to update the database through a DataWindow.

Object Search utility - Scans one or more PowerBuilder libraries, looking for objects or text within objects.

Instructions: Create a temporary folder and extract these four files to that folder.

Development Requirements:
IDE: PowerBuilder 11 (Can be upgraded to PB 12.6 or above)
Bruce Armstrong
August of 2009

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