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* Appeon * created the code: Resize Controller
A case of referring to PB object "windowobject" to automatically adjust the size of windows and window controls according to resolution.

The enhancements are as follows:
1. Tab controls and nested tab controls are handled.
2. Stopping zoom on a datawindow control can accomplished by specifying <NOZOOM> in the tag of the datawindow control.
3. Items can be tagged to not resize by putting <NORESIZE> in the tag of the object.
4. The current information in tags is maintained in case it is being used by other code.

As with the original submission this should work with any PB version.Simply add the PBT to your workspace and run it.

Development Requirements:
IDE: Unknown (Can be upgraded to PB 12.6 or above)
Database: Unknown
Berndt Hamboeck

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