Olan Knight

Born in a previous millennium. Lived on 4 continents as a military BRAT over 24 years. Loved it! Avid reader, music snob, played 4 instruments proficiently in the past, love traveling, avid LARPer. Worked in a variety of fields, finally went back to school and was MOTIVATED!!! :O Worked in all aspects of software engineering, including MILSPEC, full SDLC, and RAD/Agile. ~ ~ The boring specs include: - Sun Certified Java Developer - Sybase Certified PowerBuilder developer - Tekmetrics Certified Master Powerbuilder Developer - PowerBuilder v4 thru v12.5 - Oracle v7 thru v12C, DB scripting, DB management (not a DBA) - Java v1.4 thru v1.7 - HTML - Other languages include Pascal, Fortran 77, Assembly, and C