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New Deployment Options Coming Soon

The new generation of PowerServer (PowerServer 2021) will enable you to automatically deploy PowerBuilder projects as “desktop cloud apps”.  As indicated by the name, such applications feature both “desktop” and “cloud” attributes. Desktop meaning the application will still run natively on the Windows desktop with the powerful functionality and rich user interface of a desktop application. Cloud meaning the database and the database-related operations residing in the cloud (rather than on-premise) with automatic deployment of the client to users over the Internet. In other words, you can think of “desktop cloud apps” as the modern desktop app that requires Internet connection to install and run. For more information, refer to Whitepaper: Deploying PowerBuilder Apps to the Cloud.

Furthermore, the upcoming revision of PowerBuilder (PowerBuilder 2019 R3) will provide a new deployment method: PowerClient. PowerClient aims to solve the headaches associated with deploying and updating client/server applications on premise (i.e. local area network).   It will no longer be necessary to create your own installation programs or to manually install and update PowerBuilder applications to each Windows desktop machine. For more information, refer to Whitepaper: Automating On-Premise Deployment of PowerBuilder Apps.




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  1. Ludwin Feiten

From the Whitepaper:
"The key tradeoff of this change to the desktop cloud app implementation is that PowerServer 2021 can no longer support iOS and Android devices. This is because PowerScriptis only supported by the Windows OS."

Will there an other "PowerServer" that supports mobile?
Or is our whole investment in "Mobile PowerBuilder" now worthless?

  1. Julie Jiang @Appeon    Ludwin Feiten

PowerServer 2021 can no longer support iOS and Android devices, but PowerServer 2020 does. We will continue maintaining PowerServer 2020 and support the latest iOS and Android versions through PowerServer 2020 revisions/MRs.

Best regards, Julie

  1. Sivaprakash BKR

Nice to hear about these enhancements. However, would like to get clarified the following points

1. Is it necessary to have PowerServer any way, if we develop Desktop applications that access the web database using WebAPI? Will Cloud Desktop application will be free of PowerServer or not?

2. Is PowerClient limited to in-house deployment only? <deploying and updating client/server applications on-premise >, can we update client/server applications from the web using PowerClient? This will be useful to update the same application to all customers.

3. Any changes in OS requirements?

4. <Deploy PowerScript desktop apps, which are powered by C# REST APIs, seamlessly over the Internet. The desktop and web converged.> The Roadmap for PB 2021 says so. If the deployment option is brought in PB 2019 R3, what we can expect in PB 2021 with regards to deployment?

5. Though we are excited to hear about these new enhancements, we will be equally excited if old bugs and pending enhancements are also resolved.


  1. Julie Jiang @Appeon    Sivaprakash BKR

Hi Sivaprakash,
1. Yes it is necessary to have PowerServer for desktop cloud apps. It provides all the runtime library support and service support.
2. PowerClient applications need to directly interface with the database (instead of via application server). So we think it the best to host PowerClient applications in-house.
3. We intend to support the OS systems and database systems that are already supported. Do you have any special OS requirement?
4. Sorry to say desktop cloud apps can only be released till PB 2021, not 2019 R3.
5. Yes this is quite clear and we will strive to do our best!

Thank you very much!

  1. Milton Jiménez    Julie Jiang @Appeon

Hi, Julie,
But will can I convert datawindow to c# model in SnapDevelop and consume json from PowerBuilder at my discretion without use PowerServer 2021?


  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon    Milton Jiménez

Yes, you can do this. You just need PowerBuilder CloudPro version. No need to buy PowerServer. Check out this page: https://www.appeon.com/products/powerbuilder/dotnet-datastore-rest-apis

  1. Zhang JX

Thanks and nice to hear about these new features.
We are having the similar concerns:
1. Is the new PowerServer acting as a "gateway" to accept API call and pass through database CRUD requests?
2. Will Appeon open up the API specs in detail so that we can develop IOS/Android API call to fulfill the mobile client needs?
3. How will be the Powerserver licensing method?


  1. Julie Jiang @Appeon    Zhang JX

Hi Zhang JX,
1. Yes I believe the new PowerServer does act as "gateway" to accept API calls. It is part of its many jobs.
2. Yes we will do the best as we can to assist you to develop IOS/Android API calls for mobile by yourselves. You can already check: https://docs.appeon.com/snapobjects2.0/api_reference/ and https://docs.appeon.com/dwconverter2019r2/api_reference/index.html.
3. Well, the licensing method shall still be under discussion yet. If you are interested, please directly talk with Appeon sales.

Best regards, Julie

  1. 119 qiaofu

When will PowerBuilder 2019 R3 be released?

  1. Julie Jiang @Appeon    119 qiaofu

Shall be by the end of this year, or earlier if possible.

  1. Tom Peters

This is all fantastic news!

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