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John Fauss

John Fauss

John began life at a very young age and thankfully has never grown up. He wanted to be an architect, but the prospect of attending college for six years to earn a Masters degree only to end up drawing stairwells in obscurity for several years convinced him his future lay elsewhere. He considered obtaining a degree in History (since there was markedly less of it to learn that many years ago), but he soon discovered the unrivaled joy of waiting in line for a turn to produce hanging chads in Hollerith cards using an IBM 029 card punch machine. One thing led to another and somehow (no one has ever disclosed the story publicly) John ended up with a degree in Computer Science.

He has used PowerBuilder since version 4 (1995) and developed a passion for it once he finally understood the difference between a DataWindow Control, a DataWindow Object, the DataObject property and DataWindowObjects. John is a past Certified PowerBuilder Developer and has worked on a wide range of applications in a variety of fields, mostly in the telecommunications and energy industries and almost exclusively using Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise databases. Since 2010 John has been part of the Development and Support teams at Sisu Group, Inc.

Although he never realized a goal of becoming a certified PowerBuilder instructor, as an adjunct instructor at local public institutions and as a consultant John has provided training in PowerBuilder, C, Object-Oriented Programming and, in an earlier millennium, Fortran and IBM Assembler Language. John believes that a day where you learn anything new, teach something to someone or make someone smile is a perfect day. He lives, loves, labors and laughs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA while trying (mostly in vain, so far) to teach himself to play the guitar. John enjoys producing sawdust using power tools and hopes one day to be able to make a reasonably square cut in a piece of lumber.

John has authored several PowerBuilder-related tech articles along with a number of sample applications in the Appeon Community website.