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Elevate 2018 – Annual PowerBuilder Conference Last Call

This years Elevate 2018 Conference is now fast approaching so it is time to register to benefit from the significant amount of technical sessions scheduled.  The technical sessions should be of interest no matter you are primarily maintaining an app or looking to elevate your apps to the next level. The conference itself this year is scheduled for November 5-7, 2018 in Philadelphia at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel, and your registration fee covers the 60+ hours of technical sessions, breakfasts and lunches, and admission to a special evening networking event.

The conference will start out with an information-packed keynote address that will cover many exciting items about PB 2017 R3, the upcoming PB 2018, and the latest updates to the product roadmap. The keynote will also address the new C# features of PB 2018 with valuable information, such as: 

  • How PowerBuilder 2018 fits in the .NET ecosystem?
  • How PowerBuilder 2018 takes your apps to the cloud?
  • How will PowerBuilder modernize the UI of your apps?
  • What are the latest updates to the PowerBuilder roadmap?

Many technical sessions are planned related to the key features and technologies of PB 2018 such as:  .NET Core framework direction, n-tier REST based architecture, the new C# DataStore/ModelMapper, and so on. Following the keynote address, various daily technical sessions will commence focusing on hot topic areas such as: C# with PowerBuilder, Modernizing your UI/UX, Cloudify Existing App, Integration, Design & Best Practices, and Development Productivity. In between these sessions, you will be able to schedule time to meet one-on-one with the Appeon Product Team or Appeon staff to discuss your specific project questions or challenges.

Building on the excellent feedback from last years Elevate 2017 conference, you will be excited to hear that many of last years presenters will also be returning to Elevate 2018 to present fresh new topics for this year. On the Appeon side, the Elevate 2018 conference will also have the pleasure of key people from the Appeon Product Team, including Appeon CTO John Qi and Appeon product manager Julie Jiang, and of course other Appeon staff. Many of the returning conference presenters are also well-known Appeon MVPs such as: Bruce Armstrong, Marco Meoni, Michael Kramer, and Matt Balent, just to mention a few. There will also be a host of presentations from real-life Appeon customers who will educate you how they overcame project challenges or used new features of PowerBuilder.

The daily agenda will start with a continental breakfast at 8:00am followed by Education Sessions from 9:00am to 12:00pm, where afterwards lunch will be served. Following lunch, the Education Sessions will continue from 1:00pm through until 5:00pm. On the last day, the Education Sessions will conclude earlier at 3:00pm for those wanting to catch an early flight or drive back home.


For those people who were not able to attend the Elevate 2017 conference last year and might like to catch-up on what they missed – don’t forget that key sessions were recorded. So, you can review the various Elevate 2017 materials on the Appeon website before attending Elevate 2018. This might help prepare you for some topics in Elevate 2018 that continue build upon previous Appeon product features that have now been updated. The various presentations and recordings from Elevate 2017 can be viewed here:  https://www.appeon.com/elevate?v=2017 

The Elevate 2018 conference will also allow you to network with many of your peers in the IT industry that rely on Appeon products just like yourself. Many of these people have also been using Appeon products for many years and have a vast experience in implementing native, web and mobile applications. Utilizing some advanced PowerBuilder features too we might add! So, bring lots of your questions along and see if you can tap into this vast depth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to get answers right from the people who are deep in the trenches.

If you need some ammunition to convince your management about the value of attending the Elevate 2018 conference, Appeon has some good ideas, tips and suggestions for you to use. Appeon has prepared a Word document template that you can use to formulate your conference request. If you think that may be of interest to help you register, please use the following URL link to download the template and feel free to edit it as necessary:  https://www.appeon.com/sites/default/files/pictures/Downloads/WhyAttend.docx

All our Appeon staff and presenters really hope to see and meet with you at the Elevate 2018 conference! To find out more information on the conference and how to register, please follow this link: https://www.appeon.com/elevate



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  1. sean flynn

Appeon marketing put on a great conference this year. It was great to network with other customers to know we're "not alone" and we are all facing the similar dilemmas. That said it's very encouraging to see the long term commitment by Appeon to PB not only in terms of product support but actual significant product enhancements. I haven't seen this much excitement around PB since the PowerSoft days!

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  1. Joe Hess

Great conference. I see the link to the keynotes and featured sessions. Are the other PPT presentations available?

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  1. Erin Guillen @Appeon    Joe Hess

Hi Joe!

Elevate Material is available for attendees at User Center > Conference Management > My Documents: https://www.appeon.com/user/center/index#mydocuments

Other material will soon be available in the Appeon website.

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  1. Gilles St-Onge

Some conference was support to deploy some sample code on the Appeon web site....

Does someone know where to find those sample code ?

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