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since the old days of Appeon Mobile, now PowerServer Mobile, the possibility to write PowerScript and deploy a mobile apps to iOS and Android devices has been a great plus to PowerBuilder developers. Clearly the ability do leverage full-fledged DataWindow presentation styles and functionality, as well support for the majority of PowerBuilder objects, has made the way to Mobile apps distribution as easy and quick as building a desktop application.

However, the PowerServer Mobile features are not "limited" to the regular PowerBuilder language.

A handful of additional API allows to control a wide range of builtin sensors and software functionality that are exclusive of smartphones and tablets. Among them, geolocation, maps, camera, barcode, e-payment, fingerprint recognition to name a few. 

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In order to use PowerFilter in Powerserver Web you need to change 3 things to work around appeon problems.        

1) Structure comment 

Powerserver Web does not support comments in structures and will skip processing the entire structure.  So your structure won’t be in your deployed application and powerfilter won’t work at all.  So, you have to delete all the comments in the 2 structures in powerfilter.  

Structure Comment

2) datawindow text object expressions 

Both the visible and the text value expressions don't operate the way they do in powerbuilder.   The visible expression seems to be ignored entirely if the visible checkbox is checked.  You can get this to work by removing the checkmark on the visible property.  The visible expression will work then.  You may notice that the TEXT value has an expression too.  That seems to be ignored completely in appeonNo changes are needed for text value.

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Download this Mobile UI Framework that also works on desktop and Web with Appeon from the link on my blog :