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   You can create multiple databases from a single PostgreSQL driver.

PowerBuilder R2019R3
PostgreSQL 12
Windows 10

These instructions assume that at least one PostgreSQL driver has been successfully installed onto the Windows 10 platform.

Open the Windows 32 bit ODBC Administrator.

Click on the SYSTEM DSN tabpage.

Click ADD.

Scroll down and select "PostgreSQL Unicode".


This opens up the baseline configuration.
 - In my case I have previously put data into the baseline DSN.
 - The first time you open this SETUP window, the fields will all be blank.


At this point and ONLY at this point, the Data Source field can be renamed.

Change the Data Source field/name, as well as the Description, to something unique and appropriate:

Populate all fields appropriately.

Click SAVE.

Now when you examine the set of System DSNs, the new DSN appears as a separate entity.
- Note that there are two new DSNs listed.



This new DSN can be used in the PowerBuilder ODBC database Profile:

Be sure to set up all of the tabpages in the PROFILE correctly for a PG database.

Enter the CatalogTable Owner in lower case to match the database name.

   Because of the multiple, separate DSNs, we can have multiple database PROFILES in PowerBuilder.


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