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Given that not everyone is fluent in using Git and or Github (where the Open Source PFC is hosted now), I put together a quick introduction in how to get started.  The video below walks through the steps, which in summary are:

  • Create a GitHub account if you don't already have one.
  • Navigate to the Open Source PFC and "Fork" a copy of the code into your account.  The 2019 version of the PFC can be found at:
  • Chose Code -> Clone and copy the HTTPS URL for your fork.
  • Open the PowerBuilder 2019 IDE and with no workspace open select File -> Connect to Workspace.
    • Source Control System:  Choose Git
    • Repository URL: Paste in the URL you copied above
    • Workspace File: Give it any name you choose
    • User ID:  Your Github user id (normally your email address)
    • Password:  Your Github password
    • Checkout Directory:  Select or create a new empty subdirectory on your local machine for the code to be copied to
  • Wait until the source code is downloaded and refreshed (12 to 15 minutes)

Now you're ready to start making changes.  The process for doing that is:

  • Make the change in your workspace
  • Commit it to your local repository (using the PowerBuilder IDE)
  • Push it to your fork in Github (using the PowerBuilder IDE)
  • Create a Pull Request in your fork of the code in Github

The Pull Request sends the suggested change back to the main Open Source PFC project.  It is then reviewed and if approved is then is merged into the main project.




Comments (3)

  1. Miguel Leeuwe

Great stuff Bruce!
(just in case anyone gets into the same trouble as I did)
I'm an absolute noob on GitHub and forgot to first do the "Fork", I stupidly enough tried to connect in the new powerbuilder workspace to your repo.
After that, I also realized I cannot connect in powerbuilder using my password and created a token in my own github account, which I then used as the "password" in the powerbuilder workspace when connecting to git.
Thank you!

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Hello Bruce!

I done everything as you did in video, but I have problem with connection to workspace from PB (PB 2019 R2 2328).
I always get notice (Cannot connect to the repository. Please make sure you have specified the correct repository URL, user ID and password)
For sure I use correct credentials.
What could be the problem?

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  1. Bruce Armstrong    TOMAZ KRALJ

Since I wrote that article Github has moved to the user of personal access tokens rather than using the password for the Github account.

Just generate a personal access token for your repository and use that instead of the password.

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