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Enabling Drag & Drop from Outlook to PB using a 3rd Party (free) DLL


While trying to find a solution on how to be able to do a drag & drop from outlook into PB, I did find a DLL library from a 3rd party. The DLL was free to use (source code available to purchase) and it worked bot in x32 and x64 environments.

The reason why I'm posting this is that while searching from the internet for a solution, I didn't find that many useful pages. After two days of searching, I stumbled on this and thought thet other PB users can benefit from this.

The link to the DLL site is here

and on the page look for "Drag & Drop in PowerBuilder"

I have now other association to the 3rd party, other than that I use the DLL. I also askes permission for the posting from the 3rd party.

I'm happy with the DLL, and the users of our product also like the possibility to drag & drop emails or just a sibgle attachemnt, directly from Outlook to the PB application.




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  1. Miguel Leeuwe

Thank you Arthur Hefti!

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