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This example shows how to get the application path for development and deployment environments. This is compatible with PB 12.6.

I recommend to use a NVO to develop this functionality.

1. First declare the Local External Functions:

FUNCTION int GetModuleFileNameW(&
           ulong hinstModule, &
           REF string lpszPath, &
           ulong cchPath) LIBRARY "KERNEL32.DLL"

FUNCTION ulong GetCurrentDirectoryW (&
  ulong textlen, &
  REF string dirtext) LIBRARY "KERNEL32.DLL"


2. And then create the function of_getapplicationpath():

ULong  lul_rc, lul_size
LONG  ll_last, ll_i, ll_handle
STRING ls_ApplicationPath = Space (255)
STRING ls_separator = "\"

//Get the handle of the application
ll_handle = Handle (GetApplication ())

//When handle is 0, it is in Development Environment.
IF ll_handle = 0 THEN
 lul_rc = GetCurrentDirectoryW(255, ls_ApplicationPath)
 Return ls_ApplicationPath

//When it is in Deployment Environment
GetModuleFileNameW(ll_Handle, ls_ApplicationPath, 254)

ll_i = 0
 ll_last = ll_i
 ll_i = Pos (ls_ApplicationPath, ls_separator, ll_i + 1)
Loop Until ll_i = 0

Return Left (ls_ApplicationPath, ll_last - 1)


I hope it helps.

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