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Perhaps you’ve enabled the titlebar and control menu of a DataWindow control.  You may even want the users to be able to minimize/maximize and reposition the control at runtime.

DataWindow Control Properties

Now you’d like to trap when the user interacts with the control in this fashion in order to execute some logic when they do. Perhaps you’d like to know when/if the user closes the DataWindow control.

Control Menu

Go ahead and map a custom event for the DataWindow control to the pbm_syscommand Event ID.

User Event Declaration

For purposes of demonstration, I’ve placed a singlelineedit control on a window and assigned the commandtype argument value of the event (an unsignedlong) as a string to the text property of the sle.

sle_commandtype.text = String ( commandtype )

In the screenshot, you can see that I’ve trapped the user clicking on the titlebar of the DataWindow control with a commandtype value of 61458. 

Command Type Numeric Value

For your reference, I’ve included a roster of commandtype values here in this tip. Happy trapping!

61458: TitleBar Clicked

61456: “Move” invoked from Control Menu (cursor keys can move DW control)

61587: Control menu dropped down

61536: DataWindow Control Closed by Control Menu (or “X”)

61472: DataWindow Control is Minimized

61488: DataWindow Control is Maximized or resized by border interaction

61728: DataWindow Control size is “Restored”

61441: DataWindow Control is resized by left border interaction

61442: DataWindow Control is resized by right border interaction

61443: DataWindow Control is resized by top border interaction

61444: DataWindow Control is resized by NW corner interaction

61445: DataWindow Control is resized by NE corner interaction

61446: DataWindow Control is resized by bottom border interaction

61447: DataWindow Control is resized by SW corner interaction

61448: DataWindow Control is resized by SE corner interaction


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