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I've been using the to-do list to record the date I last did a merge of our code to the different versions of our application in powerbuilder 12.6, 2017R3 and now also Beta2019.


I've seen it happen 3 times now that this list is "spontaneously" cleared.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Is there something known that would delete the items from the list?



miguel L

Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Miguel;

  FWIW:  I use this feature a lot when working on my frameworks. I have never seen this situation while using PB 12.x or 2017. I have not used it much in my PB2019 beta testing thus far, but the little I have used it - the ToDo has not lost anything. I'll push the use of that feature harder in 2019 and let you know if I see anything like this.

Regards ... Chris

I know you use it a lot, that's why I asked here :)

It's happening on PB2017R3. I also have 12.6 and 2019 on the same machine.

The items I create are not linked to anything: I simply add, write some text and close. When closing pb and coming back in, the items are there, but after a few days they magically disappear, it seems.

Thanks, if I figure out when it happens I'll post it here.


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