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Hi everyone,

We are working on implementing a process to handle the Session Timeout. We got a few unexpected "Session expired". Therefore, we want to clarify what means Session Timeout. Is the session timeout the time idle and it resets when the user sends any requests to the server?  

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Oscar Naranjo 


Session timeout

A session starts when the user sends a request to load an Appeon application from the server, and ends if the user closes the application or has not sent any requests to the server during the "session timeout" period.

  • By default, the timeout period for a session is 3600 seconds. Session Timeout period should be greater than the Transaction Timeout period. Generally speaking, the session timeout period should not be smaller than 3600 seconds.

  • You can set a timeout interval that is shorter or longer than the default setting. The session timeout can be removed altogether by setting the timeout value to 0. This is not recommended because it will eventually exhaust system resources unless old sessions are manually cleared out using the Active Sessions functionality of AEM.

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Hi Oscar,

Yes, the session timeout is the time idle and it resets when the user sends any requests to the server. You may implement you own timeout mechanism in PowerBuilder without using the PowerServer timeout setting.

Please use the following solution:

1. Set Session Timeout in AEM to 0 (AEM > Application > Transactions > Timeout > [your application] > Session Timeout). This way, Appeon will not timeout itself.

2. Add global variables to set the timeout and user logon time in your code.

3. Check timeout in a timer event. You can popup a warning message before it reaches the timeout and close the application when it passes the timeout. After the application closes Appeon session terminated automatically.


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