1. Richard Keller
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  3. Friday, 30 June 2017

Error on trying to update pbwsclient. Exact message is outdated files detected    pbsoapclient/pbejbclient/pbdom/pbwsclient   Please migrate to 170.     I replaced the PBDOM to the 17 version not sure where to set or migrate. 

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Hi Richard;

  After replacing the PBL with the PB 2017 version - please use the RHMB on your App's TARGET and choose the "Migrate" option again. After the migration is OK - I would then do a RHMB again on the target & perform a full build to be on the "safe" side. Hopefully, that should get your App all set for PB 2017!


Regards ... Chris

Using PB 12.5 I removed the PBL that had the Soap/WS PBX imported and moved objects to new PBL,  I couldn't find a way to edit PBX extensions in PB 12.5 anywhere.   Documentation said that PBX should be in system tree but I never saw it.    Also removed PBDOM125.pbd prior to error and replaced with PBDOM17.pbd for anyone else migrating webservices proxies.  

  1. Richard Keller
  2. Friday, 30 June 2017

reason is the PBX File...

migrate this with pbx2pbd.exe and then it's working fine.

Current i've only a problem with n_pbniserv. Working on it

regards MArtin
  1. Martin Heigl
  2. Monday, 3 July 2017
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