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(This is really a question for Chris Pollach, Bruce Armstrong, Armeen Mazda, Light Zao and/or Julie Y.)

This is Appeon WEB not PB2017, but still relevant since we develop in PB2017. 

I've evaluated Appeon WEB (not Pb2017) a year ago and things worked quite right, having an old version of pfc's. The version of Pfc's that Appeon distributes (up to today), with their example pfc (AFC) application is even older I think.

Now we are evaluating Appeon WEB again to see  if we finally are going to offer Appeon WEB to customers since more and more want to be "on the cloud".

We recently migrated to a more recent version of PFC's (about half a year ago) and there are many incompatibilities and I'm having huge problems to simply show my mdi main menu toolbar. What I've done in a few days a year ago, has now costed me two weeks already and I still get random Internet explorer blow-ups, etc. 

My point is, that I have until December to tell my managers if "we can make everything work in Appeon WEB" or not, so here's my question:

Is there any recent set of PFC's anywhere that would work with Appeon WEB? I know there are guidelines of modifying PFC's yourself (https://www.appeon.com/support/documents/appeon_online_help/1.5/migration_guidelines/ch02s06s01.html), but that's not really the ideal way of working, especially when you want to upgrade to newer pfc versions afterwards and most of all because it causes a lot of delay for someone to evaluate and decide on your WEB product.

I've dropped this question too on CodePlex in Github, but I think it's more a question for Appeon, since Appeon is saying that they will keep supporting pfc's: Hopefully that means they would at least update their sample application (AFC) to a more recent version.

Miguel Leeuwe

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Hi Miguel;

  1) Please do not use the old Appeon PFC like framework (AFC). This was only there before Appeon Web officially supported the PFC's circa 2008.

  2) The newer PFC's are supported by Appeon as they are just PowerScript code. However saying that, it is possible that certain commands used in the PFC's would violate Appeon Web restrictions. So you may still need to tweak your code to comply with JSCRIPT language restrictions that Appeon Web product generates as output deployment for your Apps.

  3) I do not believe that the PFC's were ever refactored to fully comply with either the Appeon Web or  Appeon products Mobile. Its a framework that was really only designed with native MS-Window Apps in mind.

  4) The PFC is a very "heavy" framework for use in either the Web or Mobile world. Thus, its load-ability and execution performance are not optimum.

  5 ) The most recent PFC's are now housed on GitHub. however, I have noticed that the PBL's are no longer provided. This causes a lot of work to assimilate the entire framework as you need to import each object's source code one at a time.

  6) Note: I have not personally used or tested the latest version of the PFC's with Appeon Web. Newer PFC  versions may have introduced more Appeon Web anomalies.

       Hopefully, we'll hear from some actual PB developers who have actually implemented Appeon Web Apps using recent versions of the PFC. In the meantime, please note that there is an extensive section in the Appeon for PB help file on PFC modifications & differences ...


Regards ... Chris



Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for answering.

Yes, I know how the actual status of PFC's is and have applied all the fixes and workarounds, I was only hoping that Appeon or anyone would be doing something to keep them at a certain level of compatibility :(,

(Though heavy, a year ago, the pfc's didn't seem to be the biggest problem for speed issues, but our data management.)

I've come to the stage of having 0 reported errors by the analyzer tool, but of course ... the problem lies in the underlying non-reported ones.

Okay, thanks again,


  1. Miguel Leeuwe
  2. Thursday, 26 October 2017
Just as an added information:

- I've installed the recently release Powerserver 2017 (was using 2016) and things have improved significantly

- Some of the pfc workarounds in the guide are not quite correct, when I have more time I'll try to post which ones (there's this one for pfc_n_cst_luw ... where they say you set ib_defined to true in case of "appeon", but that one then blows up on a static text. Will get back on this when I have some time.

- I would love to post my version of the adapted PFC's, but I'm afraid we too many changes in the pfe layer where our own code is embedded. Would be a huge job to separate it, since we don't use a pfe layer, but have build our own right on top of the pfc's. (I know ...)

  1. Miguel Leeuwe
  2. Wednesday, 8 November 2017
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