1. Roland Smith
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  3. Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Microsoft says it no longer supports SQL Server Native Client and they didn't provide a new version with SQL Server 2016.

I am wondering what the future is for connecting to SQL Server.

I have PB 12.5.2 and SQL Server 2016. I am using an ODBC connection using the ODBC driver "SQL Server Native Client 11.0".

This setup doesn't recognize valid stored procedure declare statements. I have to switch to a SNC connection to get it to work.

I also have a driver installed called "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server" which is the preferred connection method for SQL Server 2016. I have the same problem as the other ODBC driver:

Database C0038: An error occurred, but no message was returned by the database driver.

I hope that PB 2017 and beyond won't have this issue using ODBC. This is an IDE only error compiling the declare statement. The application runs fine using ODBC.



Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Roland;

    Please open a support ticket for the ODBC issue(s) with SS2016. Going forward, the two preferred SS connectivity mechanisms are ODBC and ADO.Net - so PB should definitely support these client DB interfaces 100% for the MS SS DBMS.

Regards ... Chris

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