1. Per Ahlander
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  3. Tuesday, 23 February 2021 14:31 PM UTC

Im trying to follow along in the course material for powerbuilder fundamentals,

In the lab workbook at page 16 

the following code is pressented 

double ldbl_argl , ld.bl_arg2 , ldbl_result

IF IsNu.mber (Sle_argl . Text) AND

IsNumber (sle_arg2 . Text) THEN

ldbl_arg1 = Double (sle_arg1.Text)

ldbl_arg2 = Double (sle_arg2.Text)

ldbl_result = ldbl_arg1 + ldbl_arg2

sle_result.Text = String(1dbl_result)


sle_result.Text = "***Bad arguments***"



im pretty sure it wount compile.

the Student_Lab_readme.txt should be updated with the other databases mabye. i was using 2019 R2 i think.


Another code snippet from page 74:


// Prepare company name criteria for submission

IF ls_company_name = ”" THEN // empty string

/* Prevent user from retrieving entire customer list */

ls_company;name = ” “ // set to one space


/* concatenate % wildcard to end of string */ ls_company_name += "%"



And yes, there is a semicolon in the variable name in the workbook. and yes there are different looking " 

The codesnippets arent hard to figure out what the problem is, but still i find it sloppy to have a workbook from 2017 containing errors like that.

Just beeing me and probably beeing very stupid and not understanding how the labsolutions and workbook are supposed to match each other got stuck at lab 18. where i was suppoed to copy some things over from labsolution 17_18.  Apperently its old and outdated and needed migrating, after some crashing and lots of cursewords i figured ill just take the lab17_18 solution and continue then i see on lab 20 im supposed to make a ue_postopen event on w_orders, but i already see it in the solution for 17_18. this is really confusing and fundamental courses doesnt need to make it harder than it already is.

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 23 February 2021 18:42 PM UTC
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Hi Per;

   Yes, the current "PB Fundamentals" course was built upon the PB 11.5 thru 12.6 materials with an emphasis on PB2017 as well (in 2016). That was done to allow Sybase & SAP customers to get educated on PB with their PB 11.5/12.6 IDE software while also getting ready to transition to Appeon PB 2017.

   Thank you for the pointers to the documentation inconsistencies. Yes, these should be corrected and I agree,  the course material needs a general update to not only PB2019 R3 (LTS) but maybe PB2021 as well - dropping the old Sybase & SAP PB release information, labs, documentation, etc.

Regards ... Chris

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