1. ilya Milin
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Tuesday, 29 June 2021 20:17 PM UTC

PB-2017 32bit.

I have a complex reporting process that creates a Postscript file that is converting to PDF using Distill method.

Is there a way to convert this Postscript file to PDF using the NativePDF approach? If Yes, please provide brief description .

Olan Knight Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 29 June 2021 22:10 PM UTC
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I think that Dan Cooperstock might have just answered this with his post titled "Solution to appending to PDFs". It might have what you need.

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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 29 June 2021 23:09 PM UTC
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Hi Ilya;

  Suggestion:  Why not use the free & built-in MS-Windows O/S PDF printer?

For example:

  • DC/DS.Modify ("DataWindow.Print.PrinterName='Microsoft Print to PDF'")
  • DC/DS.Modify("DataWindow.Print.FileName='<Path><Name>.pdf'")
  • DC/DS.Print()

  Note: You could also use the PrintDataWindow() command as well in a loop to create one PDF from many DWO's. Food for thought.  HTH

Regards ... Chris


  1. ilya Milin
  2. Wednesday, 30 June 2021 19:41 PM UTC
Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for promptly reply with a very good suggestion and the example. I have created a test PDF from a DW - working fine. But, there is always some 'but'...

a) How to create in that loop specifically ONE PDF fie, accumulating the data from a number of DWs and number of DSs.

b) I saw Dan's recommendation to use QPDF Third Party software to append a number of PDF files - not sure how to include it to my PB application and how to call it from PB script.

c) How to re-use already created Postscript file(trying not to touch much the business logic) to PDF without the Distill

I would appreciate your advice very much.

Thank you,

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  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Wednesday, 30 June 2021 19:57 PM UTC
a) use the PrintDataWindow() command - one for each DWO - in a loop.

b) I would ask Dan if ha has some example code.

c) I used to just copy the postscript or printer files directly to a PDF printer. For example:

COPY mypsfile /b PRN:
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