Power Server 2017 on Azure


When setting up on Azure,  since i don't need to use the special azure deployment things, can i simply select dedicated (on a vm)?

Or must i setup all of the azure things that i don't need to actually use for running this?  Setting it up as an AZURE specific install is a lot more complex and requires setting up things that i don't think that i need. 

The requirements for using a resource manager VM requires having to setup your VM and appeon in azure active directory. 

Using classic VM in not recommended by microsoft:  "Microsoft recommends that you use Resource Manager for all new resources. Microsoft recommends that you redeploy existing resources through Resource Manage"

Registering power server on azure requires a bunch of extra configurations:

Resource Manager VM -- You will need to provide the following information: Azure Subscription ID, Directory ID, Application ID, Key Value, and Virtual Machine Name.

The instructions on setting this up in appeon help is sparse too.  For example, what is key value? 

Why can't i just enter the subscription id and vm name to register this?




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