Appeon Plugin in Chorme, FireFox




Windows 7 - Windows 10.

I have the deploy the application de APPEON2016 Universal

it works in mobile and Microsoft Explorer / EDGE

When i try to run the APP in FireFox / Chorme it shows the Link to donwload the Plugin

I downloaded unzip it and follow the instructions. in the document

when i re try to open the application link it shows the same message

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Govinda Lopez answered Appeon Plugin in Chorme, FireFox


Hi Andres,


Have you tried to delete the browsing history and/or the cookies? You could also try with SHIFT + F5


Regards,'s picture

Today i try both solutions.

Run FireFox/Chrome as an administrator

Clear the Cache and cookies.

Try with Shift + F5.

The same problem everytime i try to open the site it show the message requesting to download the ActiveX
i did try in 2 Computers both Windows 7