Mobile nested Userobject border property not disabling


I have a visual custom user object (uo_child) that is placed within another visual custom user object (uo_parent).

The main user object (uo_parent) is then placed on a window.

When I try to change the Border property of the nested User Object (uo_child) in Appeon Mobile I am able to turn on the border.  If that user object border is say set to Stylelowered! it all works ok.

For example:  In a button we can code:  uo_parent.uo_child.border = TRUE
This code works in Appeon Mobile 100%!

But, when I try to change the border property on the uo_child to off (i.e. uo_parent.uo_child.border = FALSE) this code does not work in Appeon Mobile.
It does not remove the border from the child user object (uo_child).

This works 100% in PB Desktop but does not seem to work in Appeon Mobile.

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