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Is there any way to have the Mobile Keyboard set to default all lower case or all upper case when user clicks on a text box.

The way it is now is that the first character (when using alpha-numeric keyboard) always is caps and then the rest is all lower case.

That is not exactly good when a user types in a user ID or some other field that does not have upper case first character.

There are also cases where we want to have it all only upper case.


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Govinda Lopez answered Mobile Keyboard


Hi Richard,


Currently the available keyboards for Mobile are:


integer ii_keyboardtype

This property is applicable to eon_editmaskex and eon_singlelineeditex on mobile platform only.

Sets the type of the keyboard that displays when eon_editmaskex or eon_singlelineeditex gets focus:

0 - alphabetical keyboard,

1 - numerical keyboard,

2 - URL keyboard.***

***2 is unsupported on Android devices, thus 0 will be used instead if 2 is set for Android devices.


If you would like the input to be all upper case you can set the property "TextCase" of the SingleLineEdit or EditMask controls be setup as UPPER!.