Working (PFC) pfc_n_cst_security.of_setsecurity(graphicobject) NOT SUPPORT in PowerBuilderMobile / menu disabled



There is some solution for  Object pfc_n_cst_security.of_setcurity(graphicobject) /

support@appeon send :

For the classdefinition in pfc_n_cst_security.of_setsecurity(graphicobject), Please try the steps below:

 1 Set the values of all ancestor grapjiobjects's Tag to objectname.

    2.  Modify the script of of_setsecurity() as below:

    string ls_objname

    integer li_rc

    menu lm_menu

   userobject luo_object

    tab ltab_tab


// check arguments

If IsNull(ago_obj) or Not IsValid(ago_obj) Then Return False


// check if security was set

if not ib_initsecurity then return false


ls_objname = ago_obj.tag


IF of_LoadSecurity(ls_objname) < 1 then return false


il_numberofrows = ids_items.RowCount()


choose case ago_obj.typeof()

case menu!

lm_menu = ago_obj

of_setmenu(ls_objname, lm_menu)

case userobject!

luo_object = ago_obj

of_SetControlArray(ls_objname, luo_object.control, '')

case tab!

ltab_tab = ago_obj

of_SetControlArray(ls_objname, ltab_tab.control, '')

case datawindow!

of_setcontrolstatus ( ago_obj, ls_objname, '', '' )

case else

of_setcontrolstatus ( ago_obj, ls_objname, '', ls_objname )

end choose


return true

The menu is disabled 



If I use the Appeon / ACF_framework library object; The entire menu is disabled

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