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Marco Meoni answered Web Service Consume


Hi Carlos,

they will have 2 different endpoints, so you can certainly consume both of them.
Of course you need to create only one PB NVO and deploy (publish) it as SOAP or REST service.

Some notes:

  • in order to consume the 2 WSs, you will need to create a PB .NET WS proxy or a PB RESTclient, respectively. This is already possible in current PB 2017 R2.
  • in order to create the 2 WSs, you need to deploy a PB .NET WS target (already doable in PB 2017 R2) or a C# Web API for the REST service (PB 2018).



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So, from what I see now I can not develop a WS to consume it with REST?

it's True?

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You can use the current .NET features of PB 2017 R2 to create a .NET assembly and then you would need to use Visual Studio to create a REST wrapper around it.  As Marco mentioned, in PB 2018 Appeon will be doing revamp to PB's .NET features so you would be coding directly in C# and publishing REST Web API without having to use Visual Studio workaround.