Upgrading PowerBuilder from v5.0 to 12.6



I am trying to upgrade a PB 5.0 system to PB 12.6 (will eventually be migrated to 2017, once licence is organised). Yes there are still PB5.0 systems out there.

I am getting errors as "C0174: Type of actual parameter cannot be ancestor of formal reference parameter type.". I can see what the error is but just checking to see if I need to migrate in steps (i.e. maybe migrate to 6.5 or similar before migrating to 12.6).

Thanks in advance.



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Roland Smith answered Upgrading PowerBuilder from v5.0 to 12.6


You shouldn't need to migrate to an intermediate version. In versions 8 and higher there is a Migration Assistant which you can get to by clicking New and then going to the Tool tab. It will analyze your application and point out things that should be changed.

A major change was in version 10 when Unicode was introduced. String and Char variables are now 2 byte Unicode instead of 1 byte Ansi.

Michael Kramer answered Upgrading PowerBuilder from v5.0 to 12.6


Hi Pradeep,

No need for intermediate version when migrating PB 5 to newest version. What I would expect as issues when migrating PB5 code:

  • Unicode - as pointed out by Roland
  • Stronger compiler checks - C0174 is one such case.
    • For each version the compiler increased its checks
  • New system defined events, event ID's, and event signatures - EX
    • To support win64/win32, recent PB versions have "longptr" datatype in PBM_CustomXX events, PostEvent(*), TriggerEvent(*), and perhaps a few other places
  • New system classes, controls, and syntax - EX
    • PB 5 is first version with DataStore  and .object notation for DataWindows.
    • Exceptions and TRY-CATCH was introduced in PB 9.
    • PB 5 also introduced custom events with event ID and return-codes from ItemChanged/ItemError.
    • TreeView, ListView, TabControl, and several others
  • PB 5 containing pre-PB 5 coding patterns. EX:
    • ​SetActionCode(...) instead of "return ..."
    • Custom events using PBM_CustomXX despite no intention of having the event called from external apps
    • A hidden window containing DataWindows - which is the pre-PB 5 method of writing DataStores
    • Very shallow inheritance hierarchies because inheritance had been slow in early PB versions
    • VBX control to provide tab controls, tree views, etc. - since PB 5 is first version to implement such controls as PB system controls
  • Obsoleted functionality
    • Biggest impact is "Distributed PowerBuilder" which was excellent peer-to-peer communication
  • Performance considerations -
    • PB 11 (or close to PB 11) the .object notation got fast - a lot faster.
    • Code that was best performing in PB5 may now actually be worse performing.
  • Use of external components
    • You may have difficulty using an outdated VBX/OCX control.
  • Database version compatibility - since you most likely also have to deal with DB drivers being upgraded
    • You may have PB5 app run use an old DB driver that requires updating as well to be supported in current PB.
    • You may also have SQL in DW objects or as embedded SQL that need to change because of DB version

It really is a case-by-case scenario how much rewrite and/or fine tuning is required when you migrate existing code. As Roland points out the Migration Assistant is a good utility to estimate the effort.


Good luck,   /Michael