Subscribing to PB Questions and Articles in this Community

I assume that if you post a question in this new Community you are automatically subscribed to be informed of replies. (If not, that would be important!)

But it would also be great to be able to subscribe to be informed by email of all new questions and articles about specific things (like PowerBuilder, in my case).



Chris Pollach replied

Hi Dan;

  If you go to your SETTINGS menu, you can turn on the appropriate "follow" and emailing features for the community site's various aspects.

  Unfortunately, there goes not seem to be a "follow" feature for the "Articles" section. BTW: I have already pointed that out to the community website team.

Regards ... Chris


Slightly worrying that I can edit someone else's post.


"follow" feature for the "Articles" section

That would be great. Please let us know when this feature becomes available.



AUS Julián Tagarro

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Roland Smith replied

Is the community based on existing forum software? If yes, which one?

Armeen Mazda replied

If you want to follow all content related to a particular product group then just click the "Follow" button next to the appropriate product(s) that interests you: 

As Chris pointed out, you want to make sure in your "Settings" menu you have enabled "Send email?" if you want email notifications of the activity.

Dan Cooperstock replied

Every time I post something (like a reply) I get a bunch of error messages appear at the top after the Save, saying "Cannot send email ...".

David Peace replied

Unfortunately the email content is not very useful. It shows the reply but not the context of the discussion. Clicking the link to go to the discussion only shows you the reply and you cannot expand to see the entire discussion. Or am I missing something?

David Peace replied

Two more things:

1. I stole Chris original reply to this thread by editing his reply!

2. I cannot access the right click functionality in my Firefox browser for spell checking, I get the "paste" option up.

It's great to have a forum up but the functionality is still quite lacking and if I dare say so a bit buggy! Not the standard of software one would expect from Appeon.

Carlo Torrese replied

@Armeen/@Chris, I think that this forum has very serious problems and limitations: a confused interface, poor support for code blocks, nonsense email management, no voting systems, etc.
I think that this is not what we need in order to grow a new community around the Appeon Powerbuilder project.

My suggestion is, if possibile, to switch to a more flexible and powerful forum platform like, for example, Discourse ( It's open, it's used by many language and framework forums like Elixir ( or Meteors (

Roland Smith replied

Discourse also used by Twitter for their developer community.

Dan Cooperstock replied

In terms of subscribing, I'm now finding that when there's a new thread posted, I get an email (which I want) but I also get emails for every reply to that new topic, whether or not I am interested in it. That could lead to tons of emails if this board gets busy.

My preference would be to get posts for each new thread, but then have to either reply on that thread, or explicitly subscribe to it, before getting an email for each reply to it.

By the way, I have also seen problems where the wait after I click Save on a reply or new post is very long - 20 to 30 seconds - which seems pretty surprising.