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How can I distribute the free SQL Anywhere with my PB app. I used to use dbeng50.exe but it has gotten buggy in Windows 10. I have read that you cant use dbeng* and need to use rteng* but I can't find it anywhere.

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Roland Smith answered SQL Anywhere Distribution


The last version to include the free version was 11. The SQL Anywhere 11 install includes rteng11.exe in the same folder as the other exe files.

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I guess I better get to work on PostGreSQL as it is hard to buy a $1,000 license for a $99 program.

Marco Meoni answered SQL Anywhere Distribution


Hi John,

you can download the free trial version of ASA17 (or register for the developer edition) and verify the runtime.
You will find dbeng17.exe that starts the DB file.
Then you can configure the ODBC or just connect DSN-less.
Pretty much like ASA5.


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I have ASA16 but I was reading that I can't distribute dbeng16.exe. I have to distribute rteng16.exe  and that is a stripped down version of dbeng but I cant find rteng16.exe anywhere in the ASA folders.

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Dealing with SAP to get the 'free' download is very problematic (in my opinion) especially if you don't have a customer id, code, secret handshake, or whatever they are calling it this month.

Chris Pollach answered SQL Anywhere Distribution


Hi John;

   The SQL Anywhere DBMS engine used to be free to distribute way back when ( when it was called ASA). However, a little before Sybase was bought out by SAP, Sybase changed that aspect and made the deployment of the DBMS engine a licensed (paid) requirement. So now, you would have to contact SAP sales about acquiring a deployment license for current SA versions like v16 or v17.

Regards ... Chris