Problem with Powerbuilder 12.5 and Office 365 / Skype for business

At the moment we have a problem with our Powerbuilder 12.5 application and Skype for business. (outlook and office 365). The application freezes we want to mail or print a document. This is a pdf document generated via a pdf print queue and a separate java program. If we terminate Skype FB (and/or outlook. lync.exe) then the Powerbuilder application continues instantly. Anybody have the same problem or an idea what the problem can be? Thanks in advance. René



Chris Pollach replied

Hi Rene;

  Is the PB application actually waiting for FB/OL or could it be the Java application that stalls when your PB application calls it?

Regards ... Chris

Bruce Armstrong replied

What are you using to create the PDF?

We use Amuyni and ran into a problem with more recent versions of Office.  It's because Amuyni provides a really old version of XMLLITE.DLL as one of it's runtime files.  Office uses a much newer version of that file.

What we ended up doing is simply stopped including the XMLLITE.DLL file as part of our install.  Amuyni only needs that file if you're trying to generate XPS files, something that we don't do.  And even if we did, the XMLLITE.DLL file that is part ot the OS now would probably work.