powerbuilder 12.6 connection to a MSSQL linked server

Hi Guys

do you know how to set SQLCA connection parameters in order to connect my pb 12.6 app to a linked server on MSSQL 2012?

We already connect to a MSSQL Server Database but we also need to connect to a linked server on this DB (customer requirement)

Any hints?




Chris Pollach replied

Hi Guiseppie;

  You would access the "Linked" server through your local SQL Server. The key would be to ...

  1. Create a linked server definition by running sp_addlinkedserver in your local SQL Server.
  2. Connect to your local SS as per normal a normal SS connection.
  3. Now Access the linked server from your regular DML.

Client tier, server tier, and database server tier


Regards ... Chris

Roland Smith replied

You can add linked servers using visually in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

The 'linked server' is linked to the server you are already connecting to in your app. It will appear to your app as another database on the existing server.


Giuseppe moglia replied

Thank you guys

I've already connected in SQL Management studio this DB so I've a DB named A from a server B as a linked server on a C MSSQLServer, my goal is set up the SQLCA parameters in order to connect to server C and database A

Do you think it's possible?