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We are facing few issues with rich text control in PB2017. In our system the texts are stored in the sybase database and we retrieve the data to show in application. In PB2017 there are issues with face name and text size. Howverer this worked perfectly fine with the earlier version 12.5 we were using before migarting to PB2017.

We were advised to buy the old rich text control. Below are my question:


1> With the old rich text control, will it behave same like it did in 12.5?

I2> n PB12.5, the rich text which was working fine was inbuilt(have no idea as I was just using the rich text for many years and never face any issue)?




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Chris Pollach answered Old rich text controø


Hi Rahul;

   We are about to release PB2017R2 in a few weeks. You might want to wait & then retry your App under R2 and see if the RichText fixes help your situation.

Regards ... Chris

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Thanks Chris. When is the PB2017R2.