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Hi all,

We are in the process of upgrading from Office 2007 to Office 2016.

One of our PowerBuilder 10 applications uses the following call:

i_l_wordchannel = OpenChannel("WinWord","System",l_window_handle)

This worked fine with Office 2007, but is now failing and returning a -1 with 2016.

Any ideas?


Rick Hiebert

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Chris Pollach answered Office upgrade


Hi Rick;

  In newer MS-Windows versions you sometimes need to make sure that the APP you are trying to communicate with is running before issuing the DDE OpenChannel() method. Older OpenChannel requests would start the WinWord.exe if it was not running. I am not sure if that is still the case with Office 2016 / W10.

  You should be able to test that manually though by starting MS-Word manually beforehand and see if that makes the DDE requests work. If so, you'll need to modify your PB APP to use a FindWindow () to see if MS-Word is running and if not, then issue a Run ( ) to start it before using any DDE commands.

Regards ... Chris