Obsolete SaveAsType DataWindow constant


Hi All,

I am trying to migrate my application from PB 7.0 to PB 2017. 

When I used Migration Assistant, I got the following error message :- "Obsolete SaveAsType DataWindow constant".

Could you please suggest a workaround for this error message.

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Ankush Rai

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Roland Smith answered Obsolete SaveAsType DataWindow constant


That would depend on which SaveAsType is generating the error. If you have references to more than one, you need to compare the flagged lines of code to the SaveAsType in the help file to determine which one is no longer valid.

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Thanks for your reply Roland.

I am using "Excel!" as the SaveAs Type.


It seems this is no longer valid in PB 2017.

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Excel! is the file format used when Excel first came out. If PB 2017 still has Excel5! or Excel8! try one of those.

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Yes, I am using Excel8!.
Thanks once again.