NativePDF omitting bold font


This seems to be related to some other reports, and is also something I complained about (without the following details) during the beta period.

My PDFs created with the new NativePDF method look fine, except the font in them that is bold is a bit fuzzy.

When I look at the list embedded fonts in the PDF's properties, only ArialMT is there. (The font selection in PB was Arial.)

When I save the same report to PDF using our previous solution, the novaPDF printer driver, it embeds both ArialMT and Arial-BoldMT, and the bold font looks perfect.

Although I don't think it's relevant, I tried adding the section to the PB.INI file that has been mentioned in other posts here, about including custom fonts, and it didn't change which variations of Arial got embedded (still only ArialMT). Since Arial Bold isn't a custom font, I didn't expect this to be relevant.

By the way, the Application Techniques pages about this, and some of the other related posts on this board, refer to a [DataWindow] section in PB.INI, but what I found was a [Data Window] section (with a space between "Data" and "Window"). That should be cleaned up!

Should I post this as a bug, or what?

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