MonthCalendar Rendering Problem?


I'm in PB 12.6, Windows 8, looking at the MonthCalendar control.  Setting properties such as MonthBackColor, TextColor, TitleBackColor, etc. have no effect.  I found this from Dave Fish, Sybase, 2009:

The Vista operating system does not support several properties for the
DatePicker, EditMask, and MonthCalendar controls and the drop-down
calendar in a DataWindow column.


Unfortunately these are wrapped Microsoft controls
and Microsoft has not corrected these problems on Vista yet.


Is this still a problem?  It's hard to believe.


Mark Hulser

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Chris Pollach answered MonthCalendar Rendering Problem?


Hi Mark;

  You would have to ask SAP on that one as PB v12.6 is still sold & supported by them.  Appeon only supports PB 2017 & higher. However, the VISTA O/S is now long past being supported by anyone.

Regards ... Chris Pollach

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It doesn't work in PB 2017, either.

Mark Hulser