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Hello Community!

We have a strange issue with our PowerBuilder 32bit (PBD) application and Windows 10 64bit.

We have deployed our application on a standard Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit) client and tested with a standard user account (not administrator).

Opening a window works fine (part from trace file):

The same thing is failing on the Windows 10 64 Bit installation of our customer:

After creating the first dwobject, this window is destroyed. The windows does not open and each click on a different menu item will crash the application.

If we start the application from command prompt, then it is also working on the machine of our customer.

Has someone an idea what could cause this issue?


PB2017 Build 1666.

It is an 32Bit application running on Windows 10 64Bit.



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Roland Smith answered Issue with Windows 10 64Bit


It could be due to an external function. In 12.6 there was a change to the byte alignment of external function arguments which can have a detrimental effect of functions that use structures.


Try running the app with /pbdebug to pinpoint the exact line of code

Chris Pollach answered Issue with Windows 10 64Bit


Hi Patrick;

   When you upgraded to PB 2017 - did you also upgrade your PFC library layer?

Regards ... Chris

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We used the migration wizard and migrated the PB12.5 application (including the PFC libraries), but we did not use the libraries from github.

David Peace answered Issue with Windows 10 64Bit



You said "If we start the application from command prompt, then it is also working on the machine of our customer."

Do you mean that if you open cmd and then run myapp.exe it works ok. It only fails if you run from a shortcut?

If this is the case, check your shortcut properties, check the starting folder etc. Also did you know that cmd can start with different environment from the desktop so it may just be possible that the environment you are running in is not the same.



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Yes, you are right.

We double click the exe in the Windows Explorer  or start the application via Shortcut, then it is not working for our customer.

Same on our own test machines is fine.

Starting the exe in command prompt is working in any case.

So the customer Windows 10 64 bit client seems to configured differently to our default Windows 10 64 bit installation.

Unfortunately we do not have direct access to the customers Windows 10 image. The only thing we can do is screen sharing via Skype.

What we see from the trace file is, that the window is being opened and the controls are created. Then the dwobjects should be created, but after the first one the window will be destroyed. So for the user it seems that nothing happens if he clicks the menu item. A second click on another menu item will crash the application.

We are currently stuck to find out the difference in the configuration of the Windows 10 installations.

So if someone has some ideas how to proceed , I would appreciate some hints.