Consume a webservice on PB 11.5




i got this problem i'm trying to use this service on my pb 11.5 project but i keep telling me that cannot



i even try with others WS, and nothing... already install the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4.

i am missing something? do i need to install extra requirement?


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Chris Pollach answered Consume a webservice on PB 11.5


Hi Luigi;

      No problem with that WDSL in my PB2017R2 PB IDE release ...

I am not sure though what the WSDL issue would be in your PB 11.5 IDE.

Regards ... Chris


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do i need to have anything pre-installed to make it work? or just a newer version of pb?

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When you create the Proxy have you check the Use .Net Engine?
in my experience there are some WSDL that can not be read as a SOAP proxy but they work with the .net engine

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I just have the MS-Windows 10 SDK installed. The SDK was also a pre-requisite for PB 11.x as well. The only difference that I can think of is that PB 11.x was based on .NET 3.5. PB 12.x was based on .NET 4.0 and PB 2017 is based on .NET 4.5.

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 I'm assuming you can access the server where the WSDL is located.  Try pulling up the WSDL in a browser and save it to a file, then try importing that file instead of the url.  If that doesn't work try uninstalling/reinstalling the win7 sdk.  It can be a datatype in the WSDL that it doesn't know how to process, which might explain why Chris is able to consume it with the newer PB and .NET framework.  Have you tried any other super simple web service WSDLs to see if those work?  If you can't get anything to work, I'd say it's your SDK/framework not installed correctly or some other .NET install that's interfering and causing an issue.



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FWIW I was able to consume the WSDL in PB 12.5 as well.