Can Summary Band be made to print on bottom of page (like a footer)


We have an app where the summary band of a total needs to print on the bottom of the page much like a footer (there is a page break on group change).

We tried conditionally displaying the footer, but even with the footer collapsed and autosized and the objects rendered invisible, the datawindow still preserves extra blank space for the footer.

So what we really wanted was to do  was a page break on the group and show the summary band at the bottom of the page.

Is there some way we can physically position the objects in the group summary band so they are located on the bottom like a footer?

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Lars Mosegaard answered Can Summary Band be made to print on bottom of page (like a footer)


Hi Glenn,

To simulate the group trailer location being same as footer, as an experiment, I tried changing position of all objects in the group footer to background, the y to 4200 and visible conditional as in other post. 

This works well, except when the group row count on the last page of the group happens to have rows too far south - if that makes sense.

That renders this idea useless and a bit fiddly.  

Other than a total rework using sub-reports, I am out of ideas.

Good luck :-)


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PS in the old days using line printers we would issue carriage returns until the next line would print near the bottom.  This could be simulated by inserting empty rows at the end of each group control break so that the summary hits the vertical position of the footer.  So if you can fit 42 on first pages and 40 on last page and you have 100 rows you would insert an extra 24 rows as each group must have exactly 40, 82, 124... rows. Just a thought