Automate PowerBuilder UI application testing


Do you know any tool to write test script for PowerBuilder and those can be used in Jenkins and can record the output.
I am looking to automate the PB testing for UI application written in PB.
Let me know in case you have any information on this?

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Marco Meoni answered Automate PowerBuilder UI application testing


Hi Shaila,
I used HP Quick Test Pro (now HP Unified Functional Testing) from PB 10.5 and PB 11.5.
It was ok in terms of UI testing tool for PB.
The tool was also certified for Appeon Web, and in fact Appeon's help up to version 2016 contains a dedicated section "Testing Appeon Web Application" too. I tested that too and was indeed working as expected.
In HP UFT there's been added support for PowerBuilder 12.x.